Why do some states still refuse to legalize Cannabis? Is it the Stigma?

Yes, I know….it still exists. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I mean the people who believe that all stoners are these dumb, unmotivated, overly messy people who only ever like to get high and lay on the couch. Sound familiar? Well, I wish it didn’t.


This is a stereotype that needs to be squashed, and I mean absolutely annihilated. Honestly, I think this is why so many states are so reluctant to abandon the laws that make cannabis illegal. They’re afraid that fellow citizens will become this stigma… which makes no fucking sense. Why wouldn’t you think that it would help with a lot of problems some states have? Look at Colorado. When they legalized cannabis, their economy went through the roof. What about California, Massachusetts, Nevada, etc.? All these states bring in a lot of money that could take out a massive chuck of debt in states like Louisiana*. All the while, the people there in legalized states are thriving too. Many report that they are happier and so are the people around them.


Quick question: If all stoners are SO terrible, how are some stoners going to college, graduating, and working fulltime jobs? In other words, if the stigma is true, no stoner ever would be educated or work to make a life for themselves. Which, of course, is FALSE. ‘But Arend, what if they didn’t go to college?’ Honey, shut the fuck up. They’re still working. How else are they going to pay their bills...or buy weed?


How to we end the Stigma?

End it by being yourself and talking to people. The reason it exists is because the people who think this way don’t know any better. I bet if they met one of you guys, they’d change their minds. Think about it, how many stoners could they possibly know to think that we’re all dumb and lazy? I don’t think it could be that many if any at all. So, go and flourish, poppets. Show the world the beautiful human beings that you are.


*Currently, Louisiana has legal medical use of cannabis with a prescription from a doctor. The only problem is, doctors can’t legally prescribe marijuana. So technically, it’s still illegal.