Stop Torching Bangers! (Try Unicorn Tips Instead)

Say goodbye to cloudy quartz and let your bangers shine!

Torching residue is a process of the past. There’s a better solution to keep your bangers crystal clear without sacrificing the integrity of the quartz.

What’s wrong with torching bangers to keep them clean? For starters, heating up a banger until leftover concentrate remnants disappear is a temporary solution. Quartz is actually a porous material. The surface of your banger has tiny pores, thus lending it susceptible to residue buildup. Although using a torch to clean your banger may seem to clear the surface at the moment, over time, debris from concentrates is pushed deeper into the surface of the quartz. This makes cleaning the banger in the long run more difficult and can lead to permanently cloudy quartz.

To save money and extend the life of your bangers, proper care is essential. As a preliminary precaution, do not take excessively high-temp dabs. Dabbing at temperatures that are too high burns the extracts instead of vaporizing them which causes a layer of black sludge to coat the banger. Instead, low or medium temperatures should be used to ensure the concentrate is vaporized completely and not wasted for the optimum experience.

After dabbing, wipe away any remaining residue with Magical Unicorn Tips or 710 Swabs from 710 Perception. Unlike commercial cotton swabs, Magical Unicorn Tips and 710 Swabs have a steel wool tip. This provides an abrasive edge that cotton cannot provide while protecting the quartz from damage. The steel tips also allow for the products to be reused which further increases your savings. Swabbing the banger after use frees the surface from debris, but doesn’t push any materials into the pores of the quartz. After extended use and the proper swabbing techniques, your banger will look as clear as the day you bought it. 

Stop extreme torching and save your bangers from deteriorating by using Magical Unicorn Tips and 710 Swabs. Leave the torch, grab your swabs, and dab on!  To get yours today, follow this link fam!