HEY! BLOG!  Everyone has “the first time smoking weed” story and a lot of them end up with the conclusion of not getting high. Sadly, 16 year old me had that experience and wasn’t taught how to hit a bong. The idea was there but unfortunately not enough to send me into a stoney headspace. Flash forward to a few weeks later, I ate an edible in school before first period began. Hold on. I do not advise this because edibles are very unpredictable when made in your friend’s kitchen and a high school is probably not the place for that. Luckily, it wasn’t too strong. I felt kinda lucid for about two hours. I spent that time on the floor of my chemistry class, sprawled out on my stomach drawing pictures in my sketchbook like a child. That was a rad first high but there have been times where I’ve gotten a little too stoney and started to overthink everything.    

Knowing how to handle yourself while toasted is sometimes hard when you’re new to being in a stoned haze. The first time being high can be daunting to some especially if you suffer from anxiety. Having anxiety doesn’t forbid you from smoking, there is just a possibility of THC (the active “ingredient” in cannabis) over stimulating your neural pathways which leads to REEFER MADNESS! Just kidding, there’s no such thing. It can cause some paranoia although. I’ve only been smoking consistently for about a year and I know I would have loved anyone who would’ve helped me through the times I got a little too stoned. So here are 5 tips on how to take care of yourself when you’re feeling the reefer madness.  

1. REMEMBER YOU’RE IN AN ALTERED STATE  Remind yourself if you start to freak that you’re only high. Sometimes, I would freak out thinking something was wrong with me. I would focus on tiny thoughts in my head and blow them out of proportion. In reality, it’s just the fact I was high I lost control over my thoughts. When you get into that kind of situation, just repeat to yourself that you are high.  

2. DRINK/EAT SOMETHING (non-alcoholic)   Staying hydrated is in general a very good thing considering our bodies are basically water. H2O is always a go-to. I would stay away from anything that is alcoholic because that could make being paranoid worse unless you know how alcohol and weed effect you at the same time. I like to make myself a big mug of chamomile and honey tea. Chamomile helps reduce anxiety naturally and honey helps soothe sore throats (try brewing with a chunk of ginger for a cotton mouth cure too!) Food is will become a whole new experience when high. If you don’t get
the munchies, try eating something. Distracting your paranoid mind with delicious treats might help you calm down and feel a little better.  

3. GET COZY  When I'm stoned out of my mind, I like to stay cozy. You have to treat your body nicely when you’re beyond stoned because it’ll make you feel less stressed resulting in less paranoia. So grab a fluffy blanket and wrap yourself up in it like a sushi roll. If you’re into face masks, give yourself one. Take a bath. Paint your nails. Pamper yourself so you feel nourished

4. DO SOMETHING ACTIVE  Activate your body and get your blood flowing. Although, you don’t have to do anything too intense. Go for a nature walk and breathe deeply. Fresh air, in my opinion, is 100% a stress reliever. I also love to stretch and do some light yoga moves. Just don’t over do it!  

5. USE YOUR CREATIVITY  I feel on top of the world when I get my creative juices flowing especially when I infuse them with weed. I love to paint and draw while stoned because I can really lose myself in the experience of creation. Drawing might not be everyone’s avenue to creation. Just do what make you feel creative even if it is coloring in a My Little Pony coloring book. I won’t judge. I’ve been there.  

I hope these tips will help with handling paranoia when too stoned! Don’t forget to keep a check on you’re mental health and seek help if needed.  Stay Lifted!  Erynne   
Post Stoner Confession: I’m a stoner and when I say “I’m a stoner”, I sometimes shock myself that I enjoy smoking the Devil’s Lettuce but I laugh because I start to wonder what iceberg lettuce would be as a strain of weed. I mean, it has to be the best strain because iceberg lettuce is the best lettuce so that would just make sense.