CBD vs THC, what’s the difference Barbara?

Yes, what’s the deal Barbara? First of all the difference between the two is the most important part. The High, CBD does not get you high, in fact CBD has been used for things like pain relief and seizure control. The great thing about CBD is that it has all the great things about THC without the High. Meanwhile our THC friend get’s you super high so you can enjoy the high for much longer. Also it would be good if you eat a couple of mangos before hand, just saying, don't drink orange juice tho! You know so you can stay high for longer periods of time. I got you Barbara. THC in fact has one negative feeling, Anxiety, we don’t like Anxiety here Anxiety can go hide in a closet for the rest of his/her life. We like to be chill. CBD actually helps you not to get too high, because you never want to get far too high. Psychosis effects produced by THC are minimized when taking a CBD heavy strain. Also did you know CBD can help you sleep a lot more quickly you’re mind is not racing and all that’s happening is all your tense muscles are relaxing and you have stopped feeling pain in your body. Users who suffer from Chronic pain are the most likely to be taking CBD heavy strains. Unlike recreational users who want to take a THC heavy strain to amplify their experience. CBD is actually found in hemp which is legal like mostly all around the world. But the two get confused all the time. Hemp and Weed are not the same thing.


In conclusion, choosing a strain that’s right for your is the most important part of the process. Try different things and see what works for you. If you get that tingly feeling along your muscles like a million ants are walking on top of you that’s probably the effect of CBD acting up and going straight to your muscles relaxing them and releasing them from stress. But if you’re thoughts are racing and everything you think seems to be the most important thing in your life, well it’s probably THC, but don’t worry it will pass like everything else in life. If you’re feeling to anxious, don’t worry about it. It will pass enjoy the moment enjoy the ride and go with the flow. Stop worrying if you’re strain is CBD heavy or THC heavy, we are all here to have a good time. Unless you want to like nerd out and impress your loved one. Then you know what to do.